School Partnerships

School is back in session, and it’s a great time to connect with your market’s younger customers! Plan some kid-friendly activities for your market days before your season ends, or start planning for next year! The Red Tricycle blog has some great ideas for engaging kids at the market; share these with parents or hold market-wide contests:

Scavenger Hunts
Find a funny-looking vegetable. Spot three yellow fruits. Find a food that looks like a person. Give your child a camera and turn it into a photo scavenger hunt.

Taste Test
With so many opportunities to sample market foods, your little ones can experiment with new flavors and discover new favorite foods. Challenge them to try three new things when you visit the market.

Talk of the Farm
Encourage your chicks to talk to farmers. Ask for samples. Ask about farm animals. Is it hard to be a farmer? What’s their favorite vegetable?

The Farmers Market Coalition sponsors Power of Produce (POP) Clubs that teach kids healthy eating habits and encourages them to interact with the farmers at their local market. From the USDA blog:

Through innovative programs like the Power of Produce (POP) Club, farmers markets across the country are teaching children how to make healthy eating choices. This program, started at the Oregon City Farmers Market, invites children to learn more about some of their favorite foods. Participating in events like planting sunflower seeds or making jam gives the youngsters a chance to better understand where their food comes from. By receiving $2 to spend on fresh produce every time they visit the market to keeping a log of what they buy, the children become immersed in a world of healthy eating.  Last year, 1,781 children aged 5 to 12 years old joined, resulting in 5,180 shopping trips.