Feed My School for a Week!

A great way to get schools fully involved with their local farmers and agriculture is Georgia Grown’s “Feed My School for a Week” program, which aims to help schools provide at least 75% of locally grown food in their cafeterias during week-long event. Started in 2011, the Feed My School program is now in 19 Georgia schools, having added 6 new schools this year.

The 3-years schools commit to participate in the program are used to create a structure for future sustainable farm-to-school capabilities, teaching schools and farmers how they can best work together. Ag Commissioner Gary Black champions the program, stating, “The end result will be healthier Georgia students, decreased barriers in farm-to-school efforts, and increased awareness as students learn and experience, both educationally and nutritionally, where their food comes from.” Look for applications on Georgia Grown’s website early in 2016 for next year’s application to get your school district involved!

Don’t forget to join WWG and the Georgia Department of Education next Monday, September 21st for a webinar to discuss how your school’s nutrition or farm to school departments can work with local farmers and farmers markets! Join us from 2-3 pm and begin planning for Farm to School Month! Register now! -> https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4541261567748783106

**Update 9.25.15:: View the webinar HERE! (You must enter your name and email to view.)