Market Merchandise: One Deed for Two Needs

Customized market merchandise can be a great source of funding year-round, as well as offer additional visibility and promotion for your market. Your market shoppers take pride in their local market – help them help you spread the word! Add your market’s logo to reusable shopping bags, t-shirts, water bottles, aprons, stickers, etc.

Check out East Point Farmers Market‘s merchandise page for some great examples!

Whether you’re using the merchandise profits for general market operations or for your SNAP incentive contribution, be sure to let customers know what the funds are going towards and that you’ve ensured profitability by taking into consideration the cost of materials and staff time involved in the creation and selling of merchandise.

Check out these options for creating your own market wares:
       VistaPrint — custom T-shirts, totes, hats, hoodies, posters, bumper stickers, mugs
       Custom Ink — customized aprons, etc.
       StickersBanners — custom bumper stickers, etc.