Fundraising for Farmers’ Markets

One of the greatest challenges for farmers markets can be sustainable funding. August’s posts will focus on fundraising options and creative ideas – post and share your own!

The Farmers Market Coalition hosted a great webinar on fundraising, Creative Fundraising Strategies for Farmers Markets. You can download the slides here or watch a recording of the webinar here to learn about these successful fundraisers.

What’s your board’s role in fundraising? Make sure they’re involved! Check out these slides by nonprofit consultant Andy RobinsonMobilize Your Board to Raise More Money. The Massachusetts Dept. of Agricultural Resources has a great one-pager of fundraising ideas, including this one:

“Board of Directors – It is common for board members of non-profit organizations to have financial responsibilities. As such, you may want to consider making it a requirement for board members to raise a certain amount of money each year – perhaps $500 or $1,000. So as not to exclude committed board members, you can substitute volunteer hours for money raised.”

A detailed collection of successful fundraising ideas from the Virginia Main Street organization can be viewed here. Then check out this article from the Memphis Farmers Market about their revenue sources and strategies!