Cooking Matters -Toolkit for Cooking Demonstrations

Bringing you more cooking demo and food education resources!

As part of the No Kid Hungry campaign to end childhood hunger in America, Cooking Matters was founded to empower families across the country to select and prepare healthy and affordable meals. Their programs teach low-income families to use nutrition information to make healthier choices, cook delicious meals, and eat better for less.

Cooking Matters designed a toolkit to be a comprehensive guide on how to plan and lead an effective cooking demonstration while introducing key nutrition and food budgeting messages. Based on their courses that teach families how to cook and eat healthy on a budget, this toolkit provides tips, activities, and recipes that can be used to execute a successful food demonstration.

Download PDF of Cooking Matters in Your Community

Download PDF of Cooking Matters Farmers' Market Toolkit

All activities and recipes included are designed to be accessible and affordable for the limited-resource families that Cooking Matters and its partner organizations serve. The Farmers’ Market Toolkit includes extra handouts, recipes, and information for seasonal fruits and veggie cooking and storing! Check them out!