Marketing Tools & Strategies

June’s weekly posts will focus on marketing strategies for markets and farms!

These days, there are numerous outlets available that provide free or low cost platforms for sharing news and information about your farm or market. Utilizing them successfully and connecting with a broad and often undefined audience can be a challenge.

PRWeb offers some good advice and guidelines for creating press releases:
“Illustrate the Solution: Use real life examples to illustrate how your company or organization solved a problem. Identify the problem and why your solution is the right solution. Give examples of how your service or product fulfills needs or satisfies desires. Using real life examples powerfully communicates the benefits of using your product or service.”
Check out the full article here!

To get a jump start, these press release templates provide some basic structure and language that can be filled in and adjusted to fit your needs. Click the links to download each template.
Opening Day Press Release Template
Legislator/Community Leader Invitation Template
Chef Event/Demo Press Release Template

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