Maximizing Community Engagement

Market Community Table programs and themed market days are great ways to spark enthusiasm and increase community engagement at your market. Community Table programs welcome a local non-profit, student group, or service group to set up a booth at the market to share their mission and current projects with community members. Ideally, markets invite organizations with similar values and missions as the market - increasing access to and building community around local, healthy, sustainable food. Loudoun Valley (VA) Markets Coop has a great application and general rules/guidelines for their Community Table program which can be viewed/downloaded here.

Themed market days can be implemented separately or planned in conjunction with Community Table visitors, scheduling organizations to match the themed day with which they fit most closely (e.g., Youth Leadership Day; Mother/Fathers' Day; Compost Day; Backyard Chickens Day; Soil Testing Day - contact your county UGA Extension agent and ask him/her to come share gardening tips and offer soil testing for customers;  Weather(wo)man Day - invite a local TV/radio weather(wo)man to talk with customers about how weather affects farms/gardens and about weather forecasting).

Community Tables and market day themes can be tailored to showcase and celebrate the uniqueness of your community, helping to attract new customers and give regular customers something different and exciting to look forward to at the market!