Ten Ways to Fund Your EBT Program

Ten Ways to Fund Your EBT Program

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Vendor Fees

Shopper Support

Shopper Surcharge or Checkout Fee for Using Credit Cards

In-kind Donations / Partnerships While financial support is critical to the success of SNAP programs, non-monetary donations of time and services can reduce costs while fulfilling important market needs. Corporate volunteer teams can help with direct outreach for the program by distributing flyers and other promotional materials. University students are often willing to provide free graphic design work or assist with program evaluation. Local printing or media outlets may be willing to give the market free printing or distribution services. Reach out to local organizations and business to discover how they may be willing to contribute to your program outside of financial support.

Market Apparel & Branded Items

Annual Appeals Reaching out to market shoppers at the end of the year is a great way to share successful stories and statistics from the season while making a request for individual donations. Plan to make your appeal during the giving season (or at another significant time for your organization) and coordinate your donation ask across traditional and digital communications platforms to reach the largest audience.

Friends of the Market Based on the subscription model of public radio stations, Friends of the Market programs allow market shoppers to support farmers markets through a monthly or annual membership fee.


The Healthy Food Access Portal maintains a comprehensive list of current funding opportunities; be sure to look to local as well as national and regional foundations to ensure a broad base of grant support.

Federal grants—such as the long-running Farmers Market Promotion Program—have been instrumental in expanding SNAP programs across the country. Similarly, city, county, and state Departments of Public Health or Agriculture are well-equipped to fund market and SNAP operations, which can often connect to pre-existing health and greening initiatives.

Sponsorships Sponsorships can be a significant source of funding for SNAP EBT programs and a way to establish important relationships with both local business and national corporations alike. Farmers market customers are a valuable demographic and many organizations are eager to promote their brand to this audience. Develop a sponsorship package to offer several tiers of opportunities to potential sponsors, such as branded merchandise, logo placement on market materials, or social media mentions and promotions.

Fundraising Events