programs Team Internship (fall 2018)


Wholesome Wave Georgia believes that all Georgians should have access to fresh, wholesome and locally-grown food. Founded in 2009, WWG strives to strengthen local food communities by empowering networks of farmers to facilitate access to and awareness of healthy food choices. By increasing the affordability of healthy, locally-grown foods, WWG makes nourishing choices accessible for Georgia’s food-insecure population. WWG realizes our mission through two core programs: Georgia Fresh for Less and the Fruit & Vegetable Prescription Program (FVRx).

Position Summary

This is a part-time internship, running from September to December 2018. Reporting to and working under the direction of the Director of Programs, the intern of WWG will have responsibility for assisting with outreach related to the Georgia Fresh for Less (GF4L) program and conducting SNAP enrollments at partner farmers markets, events, or community organizations. In addition, the intern will assist in providing necessary technical assistance and resources to partner farmers markets and farms participating in the GF4L program. The intern will work closely with WWG’s Director of Programs and overall programs team.  

Public Health competencies

  • Use analytic reasoning and quantitative methods to address questions in public health and population-based research.

  • Describe behavioral, social, and cultural factors that contribute to the health and well-being of individuals, communities, and populations.

  • Apply skills and knowledge in public health settings through planned and supervised experiences related to professional career objectives.

  • Apply the socio-ecological framework and theories from diverse fields in describing and influencing health and health inequities.

  • Design valid and reliable instruments to measure variables in public health research and evaluation.

  • Use evidence-based approaches in the development of innovative health promotion and disease prevention interventions.

  • Implement an array of culturally relevant public health intervention strategies to communities in need.

  • Design programs, policies and/or interventions intended to improve health services and health status of individuals, communities, and populations.

  • Design programs that mobilize community assets for social and behavioral change.

snap enrollment (10 hours/week)

  • Help individuals enroll in and renew SNAP benefits (formerly known as Food Stamps) at partner markets and through assistance line.

  • Coordinate and conduct enrollments at partner farmers markets and community organizations.

  • Track completed applications and follow up to ensure benefits are received.

georgia Fresh for less operations (7.5 hours/week)

  • On-boarding new partners (following up for paperwork, gathering contacts and marketing info, etc.)

  • Logistics for new partners training and network gathering (identifying locations, quotes on spaces and catering, etc.)

  • Field questions, emails, and calls regarding WWG programs and related organizational inquires.

  • Attend outreach events to promote programs.

  • Assist with organizing and distributing GF4L marketing materials to community partners.

  • Research, develop, and share useful resources for partner farmers markets and farms pertaining to the GF4L program through private Facebook group.

  • Miscellaneous tasks as they arise.

Fruit and vegetable prescription program (7.5 hours/week)

  • Assist program sites in implementation of the program including technical assistance, bi-monthly check in calls, resource and best practice sharing, and evaluation.

  • Coordinate with multiple FVRx sites to ensure accurate and timely completion and reporting of all documentation at end of each month. These documents include:

    • Attendance, prescription redemption, and reimbursement tracking sheets, as well as monthly surveys entered into Qualtrics.

  • Clean and analyze behavioral and medical metrics collected by sites over the course of the 6 month program.

  • Regularly share information about programs and progress with WWG staff.

  • Entering site information into Salesforce.

  • Field questions, emails, and calls regarding WWG programs and related organizational inquires.

  • Occasionally attend outreach events to promote programs.

  • Assists with organizing and distributing GF4L marketing materials to community partners.

  • Event logistics (invitations, RSVPs, location, printing, compiling materials, food coordination).

  • Re-stocking SNAP briefcases.

  • Miscellaneous tasks as they arise.


  • Organized, professional student who is able to multitask and juggle several tasks at once without sacrificing quality of work.

  • Experience with program management and data entry preferred.

  • Community minded and passionate about sustainable food and low-income populations, experience working with low-income populations and/or food access preferred.

  • Excellent, clear, and concise communicator in both verbal and written communications.

  • Available to travel around the state when needed (has access to a reliable car and is comfortable driving long distances).

  • Some availability on nights and weekends to visit partner farmers markets and farms.

  • Strong preference for first-year students that would be interested in sticking with the organization for a full two years.


  • This in an unpaid internship that may be applied towards college credit.

  • The internship hours are flexible and will accommodate the intern's academic commitments and availability (typical hours per week will range between 20-25 hours).

To Apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to Alisha Thym at with the subject line "Programs Internship."