WWG Digs In

At least four times a year you can find our team digging in the dirt! Supporting local farmers is part of our mission and organizational culture. We are passionate about getting our hands dirty and working alongside our partner farmers, tackling any project or task they need help with. 

This month, our partners at Aluma Farm, Andy Friedberg and Andrea Ness, hosted our staff for a volunteer workday. We spent the day pulling up ragweed and fighting back invasive kudzu to prepare the soil for planting later in the year. In keeping with WWG tradition, we ended our day with a potluck meal of fresh, summer veggies, salads, pickles, and homemade ice cream! 



Aluma Farm developed in conjunction with the Atlanta BeltLine. The BeltLine vision is to develop over 20 miles of railway and trails that connect the inner neighborhoods of Atlanta and bring new opportunities and growth to the city. At the southwestern tip of the BeltLine lies the farm -- or, as Andy and Andrea like to think of it, the answer to Atlanta's growing hunger for local food.

Prior to development, the 3.8-acre site in Adair Park was composed of marginal land reclaimed from industrial uses. The farm aims to achieve three main goals:

  1. To bring high quality, nutrient-dense foods to our neighbors and the greater Atlanta area
  2. To foster neighborhood pride and ownership in the land once confined to industry
  3. To build awareness of the critical connection between farms and the health of the environment, communities, and individuals

We are grateful to Andy and Andrea for hosting us and for all of the farmers who work tirelessly every day to grow fresh, wholesome food for our communities.