NATIONAL FARMERS MARKET WEEK SPECIAL REPORT: Interview with Debbie McIncrow, Market Director at the Wilmington Island Farmers Market

The Wilmington Island Farmers Market, near Savannah, Georgia is one of the newer partner markets at Wholesome Wave Georgia. The Wilmington Island Farmers market not only participates in the Double Value Coupon Program but they were also the recipients of a Market Manager Scholarship from WWG.

Wholesome Wave Georgia: To what do you attribute your market's success?

Debbie McIncrow: We attribute our market’s success to our volunteers, our large community of supporters and our vendors.

WWG: What makes your market unique?

DM: What makes our Farmers Market unique is that our market has become a hub within the community of Wilmington Island. Since we don’t have a ‘main-street’ type of place to gather, our market has become that for the local families on the island.

WWG: What is the history of your market?

DM: We started planning the marketing in 2012 and after we did all our research and planning we opened in the fall of 2013. We have two market sessions, one that goes from  March - June and the other session goes from September until December. Given that we’re dependent on the help of so many volunteers, that is why we’ve broken the year into two sessions.

WWG: What is something unique about your market?

DM: One of the unique things about our market is that we have developed over the years a ‘theme’ for each Saturday market day. We have ‘Artisan Market’, and ‘Kids Market Day’, and even ‘Pet Market.’ Also our most popular feature is that we often offer pony rides at our markets.

WWG: What are you doing to celebrate National Farmers Market Week?

DM: We are not celebrating national farmers market week because we are not open for the fall session yet.