National Farmers Market Week Special Report: Interview with Debbie Pye of the Wayne County Farmers Market in Jesup, Georgia

One of WWG’s southernmost partner markets, Wayne County Farmers Market is a prime example of what a successful first year as a WWG partner can look like. Located in Jesup, GA, WCFM serves residents across southeast Georgia every Friday from 2-7pm. They also run a successful Fresh Food Bus project, which has provided free transportation for 121 residents of subsidized housing authorities to the market and continues to run every Friday.

Wholesome Wave Georgia: To what do you attribute your market’s success?

Debbie Pye: I think WCFM is a successful market because of great community support and awesome vendors, great location and a wonderful facility. We have large covered facility that is cool and breezy!

WWG: Name a program or initiative that makes your market unique.

Debbie: The program that makes our market unique is WWG and our fresh food bus.

WWG: Tell us the history of your market.

Debbie: You can find our history at look under about us.

WWG: What is one unique thing you can find/buy at your market?

Debbie: I can't list just one unique item. Fresh raw milk, Wild Ga Shrimp. Plants and shrubs citrus trees. My favorite most unique vendor is Tristin and Trenton Eggs. 8 and 9 yr old certified egg candlers. They were tested with an adult class and they both scored 95. There photo is below. Also the carrot girls, Emma and Sara Mallard, Vendor Katie Tabb with her delicious Wild Ga Shrimp! Hovis and Dot Surrency, pioneers of the Wayne County Farmers Market (they worked the original WCFM when the dept of Ag owned our market. Lot to choose from! My favorite customer is Charles Turner, a senior citizen that comes to the market every weekend. He has written a list of Wayne County Farmers Market Recipes. Breakfast lunch and dinner with ingredients and vendor who has that specific ingredient.

WWG: How are you celebrating National FM Week?

Debbie: We are having a cooking demo Saturday, grilled rosemary shrimp maybe some entertainment.