National Farmers Market Week Special Report: INTERVIEW WITH cody burnett OF good Samaritan urban farm.

Happy National Farmers Market Week! This week we’ll be spotlighting 7 new WWG partner markets/farmers to share what makes their market unique! First up is Good Samaritan Urban Farm or Good Sam for short. The farm is unique for it’s location on the grounds of Good Samaritan Health Center on the westside of Atlanta. The farm hosts a CSA, farm stand and provides the produce for the health center’s Fruit and Vegetable Prescription (FVRx) program, which we are happy to help support this year! We enjoyed a great farm work day there last week!

Wholesome Wave Georgia: To what do you attribute your market’s success?

Cody Burnett: The full farm/market team working together,being part of the Good Samaritan Health Clinic and their holistic vision of caring for peoples' medical, dental, mental health, and nutrition needs, the proximity of the farm to the market, the market being part of the health clinic, great soil, diversity of produce, and the return customers and patients who get excited about quality certified naturally grown produce

WWG: Name a program or initiative that makes your market unique

Cody: Eat Well Live Well Program (otherwise known as Fruit and Vegetable Prescription (FVRx) program).  Good Samaritan Health Clinic patients with diet related illnesses that participate in the program receive cooking/nutrition classes and get market vouchers to shop at our market so they can practice what they have learned in their classes.

WWG: Tell us the history of your market

Cody: The history of the Good Sam Farmers Market all started four years ago when the lot behind the Good Samaritan Health Clinic was cleared and the farm was created.  Initially we were only open a few days a week , but currently we are open five days a week due to the increase of patient volume and a number of food prescription programs.  It has been great having the clinic, farm, and market all at one location.  

WWG: What is one unique thing you can find/buy at your market?

Cody: The customers are pleasantly surprised at some of the uniquely colored produce like burgundy okra,  purple podded beans, and purple speckled butter beans.

WWG: How are you celebrating National FM Week?

Cody:  By lowering the prices on popular summer veggies, so that everyone can enjoy and afford good, healthy, and certified naturally grown produce.

Thanks again to the Wholesome Wave team for all their awesome help on the farm Wednesday!


 Antony (the Market Manager) and Cody from Good Sam show off their gorgeous veggies!

Antony (the Market Manager) and Cody from Good Sam show off their gorgeous veggies!