National Farmers Market Week Special Report: INTERVIEW WITH Chelsea losh-jones OF THE green market in milledgeville, georgia.

The Green Market, located in Milledgeville, Georgia is a new partner market with Wholesome Wave Georiga. Market Manager Chelsea Losh-Jones consistently exceeds expectations when it comes to promoting the Double Value Coupon Program in her community. The Green Market is a member of our Fresh Food Bus project, which provides a free shuttle to the market each Saturday.

Wholesome Wave Georgia: To what do you attribute your market’s success?

Chelsea Losh-Jones: I think the reason our market is successful is because of the community we serve.  We are lucky to have customers who believe whole-heartedly in what we do and who come back week after week to support us.  Because we're a farmer-run market, our success is also attributed to the hard work and input of our farmers.  Without them, there would be no Green Market!

WWG: Name a program or initiative that makes your market unique

Chelsea: We're so glad to be able to accept and double SNAP dollars and are REALLY excited to be running the Fresh Food Bus program (funded by Wholesome Wave) which partners our market with the local university (Georgia College) and local community centers to bus people to and from market.  

We also really enjoy working with classes at the university.  We've had students be a part of our "Green Market Ground Crew" which is a group of students who go door to door telling people about SNAP doubling and the Fresh Food Bus and help with marketing.  We also had a class of art and sociology students interview our farmers to put together an art calendar based on issues farmers face.  

WWG: Tell us the history of your market

Chelsea: Our farmers market was started by a group of farmers in 2012 to be the first local, producer-only, sustainable farmers market in Milledgeville.  We began as the Fall Line Farmers Market, then moved locations and became The Greenway Farmers Market, and several growing pains and one final location transfer later, finally settled in downtown Milledgeville as The Green Market in 2014.

WWG: What is one unique thing you can find/buy at your market?

Chelsea: Duck eggs and Lamb!

WWG: How are you celebrating National FM Week?

Chelsea: We'll be holding an "I Love My Farmers Market Because..." essay contest.  The winner gets a basket full of goodies from our farmers!

 There it is! The Fresh Food Bus in Milledgeville.

There it is! The Fresh Food Bus in Milledgeville.