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We match SNAP/EBT dollars — dollar for dollar —at participating farmers markets. When you spend $10, you get $10 for free to spend on fresh, local fruits and vegetables. You’ll pay less for fresh and local food that is higher quality and more nutritious. Shopping at your local farmers markets or farmer puts your money back into your community.

All you have to do is show up, swipe your card, and shop for fresh food. 

Georgia Fresh for Less promotes healthy and affordable eating habits. Our 2016 Customer Survey shows that Georgia Fresh For Less helped 80% of shoppers increase their daily servings of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

This program supports local farmers and contributes to the state’s food economy – more than $2.7 million since 2009. By encouraging shoppers at local farmers markets, Georgia Fresh For Less makes healthy, nourishing choices affordable for low-income families and brings a new customer base to local farmers.

Georgia Fresh for Less is rooted in Wholesome Wave Georgia’s mission to increase access to fresh, healthy, local food. 

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