Overview and Purpose

Wholesome Wave Georgia’s 2019 Market Innovation Mini-Grant is available to current partners of the Georgia Fresh For Less program. This grant is designed to provide support for our farmers market/farm partners to:

  • Pilot initiatives at their site to increase EBT customer traffic, customer retention, and/or EBT sales generally

  • Create innovative strategies to promote awareness of the Georgia Fresh For Less Program

  • Foster collaboration with local partners who support similar, under-resourced residents

  • Provide stipends for market/farm staff responsible for outreach, fundraising, and/or marketing

congratulations to our 2019 grant winners

Dodge County Farmers Market

Dodge County Farmers Market will hold a celebratory event with a southern caramel cake bake-off competition, prizes, a cake walk, live music, petting zoo, and food education. This event will be used to increase awareness of the Georgia Fresh For Less program and the types of fresh foods available at our farmer’s market, while also increasing vendor sales and the number and variety of vendors. Promotion, advertising materials, and social networking developed for the celebration event will be the basis for continual, regular Georgia Fresh For Less promotion and community outreach throughout the year. Promotion and outreach activities will begin in April and continue throughout the year. The objective is to increase the number of shoppers, increase the number and variety of vendors, and increase awareness of healthy eating, especially for food-insecure Georgians by increasing 2019 SNAP-related sales by 25%.

Forsyth Farmers Market

Forsyth Farmers Market is implementing the Power of Produce program during the summer months. By focusing on educating children about the importance of eating fruits and vegetables, buying local produce, and the work farmers do to produce food, the Power of Produce program aims to increase the number of servings of fruits and vegetables that kids eat and help them to be more likely to eat produce as adults. The program will start May 25th and end on July 27th. The program itself will operate during each Saturday that the market is open. To help implement this program, Forsyth Farmers Market has teamed up with the Jiann-Ping Hsu College of Public Health. This partnership allows trained Master of Public Health and Doctor of Public Health students to teach these lessons and help the market with its overall goals of including educational opportunities for its clients and enriching the surrounding community.

Global Growers

Global Growers will host an educational farm tour for new American families from the Clarkston community to increase awareness of and participation in the Georgia Fresh For Less program. In addition, a group of women farmers from Burundi that partner with Global Growers will receive hands-on training on operating a farmstand and processing EBT sales which will prepare them to participate within a variety of community events in Clarkston by setting up their own market stand.

Little Lions Farmstand (Little Ones Learning Center)

Little Ones Learning Center will employ a farmstand outreach coordinator dedicated to the Little Lions Farmstand recruitment efforts and increasing EBT sales. The coordinator will connect with community resources, businesses, schools, churches, and more to give the Little Lions Farmstand greater visibility and promotion of the Georgia Fresh For Less program. Good food that is slowly grown should not be a luxury for some, rather accessible to all — this grant will help make that possible.

Mableton Farmers Market

SNAP customers returning to Mableton Farmers Market after their first market day will receive a $5 bonus issue of tokens each subsequent market day visit when making a SNAP transaction of at least $5. As an added incentive, the market will issue an additional $5 worth of tokens to each returning SNAP customer who brings a first-time SNAP customer who makes a SNAP transaction of at least $5. The limit for the returning customer will be $10 bonus token issue per market day.

Market on Madison

The Market on Madison in Dublin, Georgia is launching Market Sprouts: an interactive and educational series of children's workshops. On the third Saturday of each month during the market season, participants will learn about growing their own food, the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, food insecurity, bee pollination, and the way farmers markets can play a positive roll in everyone’s lives. All workshops are free of charge and will target children living within an under-served one-mile radius of the market. The long-term goal is to create a program that engages a core group of young people and their families and help build a lifelong appreciation of fresh, locally-grown food and healthy living. Additionally, through the partnership with Wholesome Wave Georgia, the Market on Madison will employ a permanent market manager to recruit and retain farmers, promote the market, and educate the public on various market programs including Market Sprouts, Georgia Fresh For Less, and nutrition education.

Mulberry Market

Mulberry Market will implement additional signage, marketing materials, and incentives supporting the Georgia Fresh For Less program by spreading the word about the market. In addition, their Bring-A-Friend challenge will continue to engage long-time SNAP customers and encourage them to introduce the market to their friends and family. 

Norcross Community Market

Norcross Community Market will target community members who are likely to qualify for, or currently have, SNAP benefits but who are unaware of the opportunity to purchase healthy, local, and sustainable food directly from neighborhood farmers. They will build upon partnerships with local schools to reach more food-insecure households. By providing a welcoming environment at the market, these efforts will help continue to create community centered around food and provide a road map for other farmers markets to increase SNAP participation, especially in diverse communities.

Peachtree Road Farmers Market

In an effort to reach new SNAP-eligible participants, Peachtree Road Farmers Market will advertise at the Lindbergh MARTA station and at bus stations near the market. This advertising will serve to raise awareness about the existence of the market, the Georgia Fresh For Less program, and easy market access via public transportation. They will also provide free MARTA bus passes to nonprofit organizations that focus on food access to encourage SNAP beneficiaries to visit the market using public transportation.

Rag & Frass Farm

Rag & Frass Farm will develop and promote a weekly onsite market stand for the local community of Jeffersonville where the farm is based. Funds will be used to take out a reoccurring ad in the local paper, make posters and fliers, and pay a market stand employee stipend for 30 weeks. This will serve to increase healthy food access, create a deeper sense of community around the farm, and decrease dependence on further away markets.

The Farm Bus (Davies Shelter)

The Farm Bus is a program by William S. Davies Homeless Shelters aimed at bringing fresh produce from the Shelter’s farm and other local farms directly into low-income neighborhoods throughout Rome on a mobile farmer’s market. The Farm Bus will build each of our eight host locations into Farm Bus advocates who can continue to attract consistent, loyal customers to the Farm Bus at their location every other week all season long. They will purchase location-specific signs for each host site, hire a student intern to serve as the summer outreach coordinator, and host a special event at each location throughout the season.

Trefoil Gardens

Trefoil Gardens will expand their customer base and bring greater diversity to local markets in Woodstock and Roswell, Georgia. They will utilize a token exchange program and add a bilingual liaison at the Downtown Woodstock Farmers Market to assist customers in navigating the Georgia Fresh For Less program.

Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture

At Truly Living Well Center for Natural Urban Agriculture, we grow food, we grow people and we grow community. Our work demonstrates the efficacy of local food production to address issues related to food access, environmental quality, employment and urban vitality. Our social justice market works to address the following issues:

  • Income: By providing tiered pricing, each shopper pays at a level affordable for them.

  • Transportation: By hosting our market within an area with limited access, healthy food is in walking distance.

  • Fair Wages: Support of our market helps us provide a living wage for our farmers and associates working to provide a healthy source of food for our community

Wayne County Farmers Market

Wayne County Farmers Market will increase direct marketing opportunities for local growers while also addressing food insecurities of Jesup and Wayne County community residents. They will implement a marketing campaign to increase customer engagement and farmer sales by conducting outreach activities such as: cooking demonstrations, tastings, and launching a customer reward program. They will also partner with Jesup Housing Authority to provide nutritional education through outreach activities and nutritional classes with the residents at Jesup Public Housing Authority. Their goal is to increase access to and consumption of locally-produced farm products and increase EBT Sales by 30%.