Southern Chefs Potluck
3:00 pm15:00

Southern Chefs Potluck

  • Inn at Serenbe


The 6th Annual Southern Chefs Potluck at Serenbe is a casual Sunday supper benefiting Wholesome Wave Georgia on Sunday, September 13th, 2015.

The Southern Chefs Potluck is a favorite among the Atlanta food community, inviting chefs like Ford Fry, Steven Satterfield, Jay Swift, David Sweeny, Terry Koval, Hilary White and more to come together with our guests and dine family-style in a beautiful open-air pavilion at Serenbe.

In 2014, we raised over $118,000 at the Potluck, for a total impact of $236,000 worth of fresh food to low-income families in Georgia and $236,000 in income for Georgia farmers. This year, we want to do even more good. We need your support to raise $130,000 at the Potluck, so that we can provide $260,000 worth of fresh food to low-income families in Georgia and $260,000 in income for Georgia farmers.

Download our Sponsorship Brochure to become an integral part of this event.

Take the SNAP Challenge!
May 17

Take the SNAP Challenge!


We challenge you to eat on only $4.17 per day for the week of May 10th-17th, 2015!

By taking the SNAP Challenge and experiencing what life is like for millions of Americans living on the average daily allowance of only $4.17, we hope to raise awareness for alternatives like Wholesome Wave Georgia's programs that support access to healthy food while on SNAP.

While on the challenge, shop at a WWG partner farmers market where SNAP dollars are doubled and you'll find local, fresh, healthy foods at affordable prices. This means that as a SNAP Challenge participant, each time you shop at a WWG partner farmers market, your budget doubles from $4.17 to $8.34/day. That's the magic of Wholesome Wave's Double SNAP Program!

Could you feed your family on $4 a day?

In Georgia, almost 2 million people–one in five Georgians–receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP or Food Stamp) benefits each month. The average person receives a food stamp allowance of $4.17 a day to purchase food.

Across our state, not only are families and individuals finding it difficult to afford food, they're also having trouble accessing fresh, healthy, food. 

One of Wholesome Wave Georgia's top programs doubles every SNAP dollar from $1 to $2 at nearly 40 partner farmers markets. Through this doubling initiative we increase access to and affordability of fresh, locally produced food for SNAP recipients. This means more healthy food for communities in Atlanta and across the state of Georgia, where healthy food is often sparse, expensive and low-quality, and more money for farmers. 

Get Started

  1. Register to participate.
  2. Eat on $4.17/day for a week (May 10-17).
  3. Take a look at our meal planning resources.
  4. Engage others by sharing your experience! Create a blog, post to Facebook or Twitter and use the hashtag #SnapChallengeGA

Participation Guidelines:

  • All food purchased and eaten from May 10-17, including food purchased dining out, is counted in total spending

  • Avoid consuming food purchased prior to the start of the SNAP Challenge

  • Whenever possible, avoid accepting free food from family, friends and coworkers

Help Raise Awareness:

  • Get your family and friends involved! Share your reasons for participating, what you are purchasing, cooking and eating during the SNAP Challenge.

  • Share your experience! Take photos of your farmers market purchases or a meal you prepare and post it to your blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #SnapChallengeGA

  • Bending the rules will be tempting – Being a part of the SNAP Challenge will not always be a breeze. Just focus on keeping track of what’s hard and what’s easy.

Other ways to support the SNAP Challenge

  • Support your community and its farmers by shopping at a Wholesome Wave Georgia  market regularly.
  • Donate
  • Sign up to volunteer with your local market (email WWG) or food bank.