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Do even more with what you have.

Applications for the 2017 market season will open in October 2016! To receive application information in the future, fill out the form below to let us know that you are interested in becoming a partner market. 

WWG Partner Requirements:

  1. Partner markets or farms must be producer-only, meaning that all vendors sell only products that they grew or prepared themselves. No reselling is permitted.

  2. Partners should already be accepting SNAP and preferably have run several SNAP transactions. 

  3. Partners must demonstrate the need and interest in WWG's doubling program in their community. 

  4. Partners must have the capacity to do outreach for the doubling program. 

  5. Partners must be open and welcoming to all customers. 

  6. Partners must contribute a portion of the funds WWG provides for SNAP incentives back to WWG. 

    • Partners are assigned a projected budget each year based on an estimate of how many SNAP dollars they will double during the season. 

    • During the first year as a partner, the market contributes 15% of the final actual amount doubled back to WWG. The second year and every year after that, partners contribute 40% back to WWG. 

    • The purpose for this contribution is to encourage community buy-in and promotion of the program in the community surrounding the market or farm through fundraising events, individual donors, etc. 

*Specific to farmers:: When we partner with farms, we are able to offer half-price CSA shares and/or half-price produce (including value added items like canned/pickled foods and jams) at on-farm stands or at non-WWG partner markets.

For questions concerning the partner survey, contact Dahanah Josis Sejour by email::

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Photo Credit: Carrot Wash, Skylight Farms - Kenan Hill