Good food for all

At Wholesome Wave Georgia, we believe all Georgians should have access to good, wholesome and locally-grown food.


Wholesome Wave Georgia strengthens local food communities by empowering networks of farmers to facilitate access to and awareness of healthy food choices.


Wholesome Wave Georgia strives to increase access to fresh, healthy, locally grown food for all Georgians.

We work towards our mission of increasing access to good food while contributing to the local food economy through the following programs:

We Double food dollars at farmer's markets

We currently partner with 45 different producer-only farmer’s markets and direct marketing farms in Atlanta and across the state of Georgia. By doubling each federal nutrition assistance benefit (SNAP, aka Food Stamps, WIC and Senior FMNP) dollar spent, we leverage existing government food nutrition programs to encourage shopping at local farmers markets. Every nutrition benefit dollar spent at a WWG partner market becomes two dollars for the shopper and for the farmer. This means more money for farmers and that more Georgians gain access to good, wholesome and locally-grown food.

To foster the growth of our network, WWG provides EBT technical assistance to farmers markets and farms who are authorized, or want to become authorized to accept federal nutrition assistance benefits. 


We actively screen + enroll
new individuals in SNAP benefits

In partnership with the Department of Family and Children Services, WWG has become a SNAP Outreach Partner.

The process of receiving food assistance can be a barrier to many of the families and individuals that need the help. Through conducting enrollment sessions at partner farmers markets we are able to help more people successfully complete the process and get the support they need.


We fight food insecurity from
all angles

We partner with local organizations in other areas related to food insecurity such as health and poverty.

New Pilot Programs for 2016: